10 Ways You Know The Haze is Critical in Malaysia

haze malaysia

1. Your Smart Tag won’t read on the toll booth and waving it like an idiot doesn’t work this time.

smarttag malaysia

2. You cannot see Tower 1 from Tower 2 of KLCC.

klcc haze

3. You wash your green car just to come back and find the colour is now matte grey.

car haze

4. You are forced to use Firechat to talk to your friends even though there’s no street rally.

firechat bersih

5. For once, there is actually some visible grey matter in Putrajaya.


6. Your Mint, Strawberry and Pineapple flavoured vape all tastes the same- like Cool Smog.

haze shashimi

7. If Superman fought Batman in KL, the fight would last shorter than an Anwar Ibrahim corruption trial.

give me your mask lah-compressed

8. If you got a flu in the haze, it will last longer than an Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial.

haze kl

9. Your GPS laughs and goes “I give up”

turn left now-compressed

10. You can’t view Astro and you’re unsure if its because the haze is messing with your satellite or if your field of vision has been reduced to less than the distance of your TV screen.

not available

Written by Emmanuel Joseph

Emmanuel Joseph works with IT projects in a Malaysian GLC. In his free time he juggles between NGOs and his part time law degree. He occasionally blogs at http://emmanuelj.wordpress.com