10 Types Of Vapers You See In Malaysia

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Vapers come from many different background but one thing we all have in common, is our love of vaping.

Here are the 10 types of vapers that we normally come across.

1. The Newbie 

We have all been here at some point. They’re overly excited about their basic entry-level ecig and are keep to show off their devices to anyone who will listen.

2. The Vape Guru

Image Credit: razlany.wordpress.com
Image Credit: razlany.wordpress.com

These are experienced vapers who always offer you advice on what to upgrade and how to improve your vaping experience.

3. The Designer

These vapers are usually concerned with how their vape looks like and they rarely bother on how it performs.

4. The Juice Master 


“The Juice Master” has probably tried just about every flavour that’s sold here.

5. The Mod-ster

The Mod-ster will always have a tool kit at hand containing everything from organic cotton balls to pliers and are forever improving their setup in order to get the best vape possible.

6. The Casual Vaper 

These people vape for the pleasure and like to keep their device plain and simple. Their ideal device is one they can grab and go which they can carry it with them easily.

7. The Activist 

We salute these vapers for sticking up for the vape community when bad press is released. They care about vaping deeply.

8. The Dragon

Image Credit: drberanimbovaping.wordpress.com
Image Credit: drberanimbovaping.wordpress.com

These people love to blow clouds of vapour, the bigger and the denser the better!

9. The Vape Minister

The Vape Minister will approach any cigarette smoker they see to try and convert them to vaping. A Vape Minister may have even persuaded you to start vaping!

10. The Annoying Puffer 

This is that one friend who refuses to buy a vape of their own, yet can’t stop puffing away on your device. We thought these people only exist in the cigarette smoker’s community but apparently they also exist in the vape community.

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