10 Types of Myvi drivers you see in Malaysia

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It was ten years ago when Perodua launched the first generation B-segment supermini, the Myvi, which became a runaway hit. Fast forward a decade later, the Myvi, currently in its second-generation, is a reflection of a true Malaysia’s people car, with the a huge number of Myvis spreading around from the Federal Highway, Jalan Bendera and some hilly roads of Sandakan.

In a way, Myvi owners create some perception to others when it comes in showing their prized chariot. Here are the ten (mostly annoying) impressions Myvi owners give to the rest of us, who presumably drives a Myvi as well….

1. The Myvi drivers who think that their Myvi is a Hot Hatch 

myvi hot hatch

Malaysians tend mistaken their Myvi has the legendary “GTI” badge at the back. This explains a numerous suicidal Myvis speeding on the straights like there’s no tomorrow on the highways. In fact, the Myvi’s lightweight and the peppy engine from Toyota makes them a champion in traffic light battles, if facing a non-sport cars that is.

The Myvi’s tall body and soft comfy suspension means it couldn’t stick on corners like glue, unlike the GTI. When the roads become curvy, they may need balls of steel to counter these corners at high speeds, otherwise they will end up turtle as shown in many Myvi related memes.

2. “Myvi safes fuel lah bro”

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Undoubtedly, the Myvi’s tiny fuel tank of 40-litre means one full tank is achievable at below RM80, which is decent. Despite the official fuel consumption figures of 14.6km/litre for the 1.3-litre automatic and 17.5km/litre for the manual, factoring the Klang Valley’s notorious traffic jams and the increasing number of traffic lights; there is no way the Myvi can achieve the manufacturer’s claim. Given with urban drive, expect around 300km++ per tank, or below 11 km/litre per tank.

In other words, just like Hikayat Sang Kancil, the Myvi’s brilliant fuel consumption is a myth.

3. The snake Myvi driver

myvi laju fits

Move over Mr Fantastic! Your flexible arms and legs are no match to Myvi’s size which makes it fits into every possible corner or section during traffic jams.

4. “Hey bro, how to fit five of us in your Myvi?”…”Can one, bro”


The Myvi’s space is brilliant for both the driver and the rear passenger. This means the Myvi works well as a decent family car, with decent space to fetch family members, colleagues during lunch break and also a whole load of Ikea when the seats are folded. In a way, the Myvi’s ingenious space makes it fits more stuff than Doraemon’s pocket.

5. Some Myvi drivers feel rich when they drive a Myvi

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There an observation that indicates Myvi drivers are actually rich people. They arrive at a property launch in a Myvi and leave with 5-10 units of properties signed. Despite being low profile, they don’t splurge their money for a Cayenne and instead settle for a humble Myvi. They rather settle for square-foot and rentals rather than horsepower.

6. And some Myvi drivers prefer driving Myvi because its financial savvy

then i said

The Myvi’s low maintenance cost and low depreciation cost makes owners think they are smart with their hard-earned money. Similarly with point no 5, they rather fork their money on assets, unlike cars which are a liability. While I wouldn’t want to argue on that, it is travesty to see if Scoorge McDuck driving a small Myvi. Also, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI despite his billions. So common, maybe a Honda Jazz or Suzuki Swift isn’t that bad….

7.  “As long as it can get me from Point A to Point B…Its good enough and I don’t care about how it looks”

dont care

The Myvi’s trump card as a dependable and reliable wheels which makes them as an attractive mode of transportation for those who aren’t interested in cars. These people are unlikely to read car magazines and think Top Gear is a show about quantum mechanics. To quote Initial D’s Takumi Fujiwara “As long it has four wheels, it is a car” pretty much reflects these people.

8. “See my Myvi ah, sooooooooo cuteeeee”

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In a way, Hello Kitty or Minion decals work exceptionally well with the Myvi. Don’t ask me why….

9. And of course there are the bunch of Myvi drivers who think that Myvi is made of titanium 

myvi pawned

Need to say more?

10. The Myvi worshiper 

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To them, the Myvi is a true ultimate driving machine. It may not able to tackle corners like a 3-series, or has straight line speed like the M3, but as long it brings them from point A to B and they still owns multiple condos, they felt they have achieved their life purpose.

If they become an editor of a car magazine, they’ll write buy the Myvi instead with five-star ratings and that issue will be their last.

On that note, the “Myvi” force is strong with these 10 facts!

 Written By: Travis Chang

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