10 Things you do not know about Malaysia

Shocked Man --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
1. KL Railway station is actually built to withstand 2 feet of snow

kl railway station

2. KL is the top capital city for lightning 

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In Kuala Lumpur, there are about 200 days of thunderstorms every year. Whereas in London, there is only 20 days of thunderstorm and 10 days of thunderstorms in New York.
3. The world’s highest suspension bridge is in Mount Kinabalu. 3,600 meters above sea level

still want to go

4. The world’s longest insect is discovered in Sabah in 2008, which is the Chan’s Megastick 357mm (14.1 inches)

chan's megastick-compressed

5. Biggest cockroach infestation on the planet is in Gomantong Caves, Sabah

cockroach malaysia-compressed

No wonder Malaysia banyak lipas! NASTY!
6. If there are no bats in Malaysia, there are no durians in Malaysia too! Can you imaging Malaysia without durian!?

durian malaysia-compressed

Apparently durian tree flowers only bloom at night, so bats are the main pollinator. According to Dr. Christine Fletcher, flowers that are pollinated by bats produce better fruits and more bundles. No wonder the durian in Malaysia sedap-sedap belaka!
7. Malaysia actually have a pet cemetery in Semenyih in Nirvana Memorial Park

malaysia pet cemetery-compressed

8. We also have 140 different languages spoken which include dialects and all e.g. “Bahasa Klate”

why cannot

9. Our national car back then, Proton Saga, was actually named during a Scrabble game

proton saga

A person named Ismail Jafaar was playing a scrabble game one evening, and he figured out that the word Saga could be acronym of Safety, Achievement, Greatness and Ability.
And do you know that the top selling car in the United Kingdom back in 1989 was Proton Saga?
10. The largest roundabout in the world is in Putrajaya. The size of the roundabout is equivalent to 100 football fields

putrajaya roundabout largest-compressed

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