10 Things That Were Cool At School in Malaysia But Not Anymore

school in malaysia

1. Owning an extensive sticker collection that you guarded with your life

sticker malaysia

2. Pokemon Cards 


Why you no cool anymore 🙁

3. Body Glove pencil cases, t-shirts, bag, wallet, purse


4. Pilot Shaker, Super Grip, G1, G2, G6 

pilot shakers

5. Mini badges 


We cover everything we own with these mini badges

6. Nokia 33 sekupang / 3310

nokia 3310

7. Wearing Livestrong bands 

livestrong band

8. Baby G watches 


9. Doing all your work in scented gel pens/bubble writing

colorful pen

Apparently adults are not allowed to fill in tax forms in a yellow banana-scented gel pen. Who knew.

10. Taking class/group pictures like this

school class picture-compressed

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