10 Things only short people in Malaysia will understand

short people

1. We will never be too tall for a bed

comfortable bed

2. People always refer us as the cute one in their group..which is fine but just DON’T pat our heads..it makes us feel very very tiny

dont pat

3. They place us in the front when there is a group photo

4. Fitting into small spaces is not a problem..including AirAsia seats and Perodua Kancil

5. The ladies can rock any type of heels and not to be worrying about being taller than their guy friends

Woman jumping for joy.

6. However, at times tall people accidentally use our head as an armrest


7. On top of that, when we buy a brand new pants, we either need to alter it or fold the bottom of it because they never fit us perfectly

8. Watching a movie in the cinema can suck as taller people tend to block our vision but the good news is we never block another person’s view

9. At times, some people think that we are the youngest in the family just because we are short…

10. In the end we are happy to be short in someways..because evidence has shown that short people live longer than tall people

jumping with joy

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