10 Things only Malaysians who went to All Girls’ School will LEARN

1. Here is when you’ll learn that some gossips are so good that it’s meant to keep it to yourself

dont worry

2. Speaking about gossips, lesbian gossips is always the BEST
3. You will learn how to not care what you look like because you were surrounded by other girls for years..In other words, no make-up days aren’t a big deal for you
4. You also learn how to make your school uniform look hot or bad-ass 

got your back

5. You learn how to meet men because you only meet one or two of them in a week…(Men besides your teachers, okay? Cikgus tak kira!)
6. Speaking about men, you will learn that staying single for a long time doesn’t bother you one bit because you know your girlfriends got your back

and then

7. You learn how to fake your period…Because all your friends do it
8. You learn how and WEAR to hide your mobile phone
9. And this is the time that you will learn that GIRLS TOO CAN RULE THE WORLD! Two words: GIRL POWER!

girl power

10. You learn to ignore the words “Eating like a girl”…


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