10 Things only Malaysians living in Klang Valley will understand

klang valley people-min

1. Getting stuck in traffic jam is part of our lives 

traffic jam

2. Paying tolls become part of our budget 


3. Driving through potholes is something that we can’t avoid constantly because the roads here are under construction errrdayyy all night long


4. In other words, driving in Klang Valley is like going for a war…It’s not as simple as driving from Point A to Point B

this is klang valley meme ori

The good news is, GrabCar is willing to take that burden of your chest! And they recently drop their prices for this month of August making them one of the most affordable mode of transport in the Klang Valley.

31 percent off

grabcar discount

So, we basically can travel from Point A to Point B luxuriously + cheaper + no tension. Good deal heh?

mother of god

5. We buy a car to get to work and we go to work to pay for our car

buy a car to go work

6. The following are some of the questions that we ask our friends almost everyday:

brace yourself

  • Where to eat?
  • Where to lepak?
  • How to make money?
  • Where to party?
  • Which mall to go to?

too damn high-min

7. MPSJ, MPPJ, DBKL, MBSA, MPAJ – We hate them whenever this happens


8. Police roadblock feels like a “spot-check” session by the pengawas/prefect back in high school

police roadblock

9. We know it’s dangerous to go out at night, but we still go

going out at night

10. We have RM50 in our wallet and before we know it, IT’S GONE. So, we rather stay at home

50 hard


Written by Grab

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