10 Things only Malaysian who works from 9 – 5 will understand

Malaysian government employees work inside the Land Puclic Transport Commission (SPAD) office in Putrajaya
1. If you are not a morning person..You will become one
2. You will understand that time is very very important

time is important

3. You get stuck in the traffic jam from Monday – Friday

stuck in jam

4. You somehow figured out exactly how much time you need to get ready in the morning and head to work with all the traffic jam so that you can reach work on time
5. And you get annoyed when people complain about having to wake up before 10 a.m.
6. Speaking of Monday – Friday, the weekend will never come soon enough, but Monday always will

weekend and monday

You will somehow accept the fact that this is how your life will be but it gets worse 
7. You spend lesser time with your friends and spend more time with your significant others (late night mamak sessions with your friends will slowly change to sleeping time)
8. And your friends will complain saying things like “forget friends already ah”

hey man

9. You seldom do things like going to the night club or getting drunk
10. But all those things don’t matter anymore once you receive your paycheck 


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