10 Things Only Malaysian Who Travels Abroad Will Understand

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1. All you can think about when you are traveling to a new country is to explore more about the new place

2. Exchange rate. Exchange rate. Exchange rate. Is all you think about when you buy anything


3. If you went to a country where English is not the main language…You feel like you are an alien #languagebarrier 


4. Travelling to a country where the internet is worse than Malaysia feels like 

interneet damn slow

The good news is that there is a way where Malaysians can travel anywhere and still obtain fast internet connection with UNLIMITED Wi-Fi which also allows you to share the costs with your friends.

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shut up and take my money

Now lets talk about the food…

5. When you come across a place that sells Malaysian food… You will be like OMG!!!! Of course it won’t taste as good as what you find in Malaysia, but you are glad that Malaysian cuisine are known and consumed internationally


6. Being a typical Malaysian simply doesn’t work abroad because of the following reasons:

Your hand gesture doesn’t work

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You can’t call anyone boss, aunty or uncle and if you do, they will look at you weirdly

boss aunty and uncle

7. That feeling when you meet another Malaysian while travelling 

excited feeling fi

8. But if you find too many Malaysians travelling in the same country you travel to, then travelling doesn’t make sense anymore

am i-compressed

9. At times your trip doesn’t go as how you planned but knowing that the duty free zone is waiting for you back in KLIA or KLIA2 will make you feel all better again

Popping Bottles on the Duty Free Floor

And we all have that friend who always ask us to buy something from the duty free section for them. Usually cigarettes and alcohol.

10. You will always compare Malaysia to another country but you will realize that there is no place like home

malaysia best-compressed

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