10 Things Malaysians Can’t Live Without

Mamak KL

1. MAMAK Stalls

Mamak Stalls
When placing an order, customers must always remember to reverse the words. Ice Tea is known as ‘TehAis’, if you were to say ‘AisTeh’ the waiters will not be able to tell what you’re trying to say thus they hold small meetings and hand signals to begin guessing the customers requests.

There is always one guy in your group of friends will say that he is on diet but he never fails ordering Maggie Goreng from the Mamak

2. The  Malaysian Timing

Bro I've Reach already, where are you
The timezone of Malaysia is unique because it follows the system of +1/+2 PMT (Predetermined Meeting Time) which is 1 or 2 hours later than PMT.

Most foreigners have difficulty adjusting to this new timezone as they tend to show up 1 or 2 hours earlier than their local counterparts.

3. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Bee Talk, Line, WeChat

Food is to eat not to tweetInstagram every meal. No, wait. Instagram every dish. Or twitpic. Either one is good. It is of utmost importance that your circle of friends know what you eat. Follow up by #abusing #the #hashtag #because #yolo #swag.

Expect a wave of ”bojio” comments to hit you

4. Air Conditioning

How do you all live without an air cond since Malaysia is such a hot place? Waking up next morning drenched in sweat sucks.

Since Malaysia now is an oven, most people prefer to dine indoors (unlike smokers who like the polluted outdoor smell). Having an air cond is essential. By the way, because in Malaysia we’re cool like that, there is this Air Cond that actually chases mosquitos away! It has a 2 in 1 function which keeps you cool and the damn aedes mosquitos away with no chemicals!!

If you don’t trust us haha, you can check it out by clicking on the picture below.

LG Aircond

5. Smart Phones

What do we all do in an awkward situation?

so this is us

6. Fast speed internet
Gamer's excuses

Online gamers would understand the need of a fast internet. The rest of use fast internet for streaming *ahem ahem* (You know what I Mean – with a nasty wink emoticon)

7. Discounts!!!/Free Gifts
indian man asking for discount

Wah so expensive!!! GOT DISCOUNT ANOT?? If no discount, got free gifts anot??

Whenever we Malaysians purchase something huge, we always tend to ask discounts and free gifts.

8. Free WiFi 
Basic human needs

Mamak Waiter: Apa mau minum boss? Makan apa?

Customers: WiFi password apa?

Mamak Waiter: WiFi tarak oh, rosak…

*Customer left conversation*

9. Myvi
Myvi Modified Eastcoast Fitment

I don’t know why you all cannot buy other cars. Buy proton lah, why you all like Myvi so much!!!

10. The Malaysian Language (Manglish)

the world lah in malaysiaenglish in malaysiaMost of us Malaysians can speak at least two different languages and it’s our multi language influences that has given us our unique version of the English language..Manglish (also known as the Malaysian English)

The Malaysian Manglish is sometimes known as Rojak orBahasaRojak but it differs from the Rojak language by the usage of English as the base language. 

Also, let’s not forget about the “lah”s, “mah”s, “liao”s, “meh”s and various other suffixes.

Written by LG Malaysia

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