10 Things Malaysian Primary School Students in the 90s Used To Do


1. We used to collect Shakers for some reason. People who has alot of Shakers at the time was considered rich


2. We used to collect erasers. We tend to battle among each other with the erasers. Winners usually takes away the loser’s eraser

abc & flag eraser 8s

3. Owning a Digimon considered you are one of the cool guys


4. Tamiya cars was a trend once. We used to go to malls to find race tracks for Tamiya cars. Battle with other cars out there

thumb-Tamiya TB04 Pro chassis 84339 RCGroups

5. Pokeman cards were more for the Chinese crowd.


6. We never really play computer games but we sure did play Yo-yos


7. Not many of us played this but there are still some who did


8. We used to play bottle caps after our final exams


9. And the girls, they play Batu Seremban

Picture 200

10. And don’t forget the moments where we used to go to our school field and start catching grasshoppers and tadpoles in the drains


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