10 Things Malaysian beer drinkers should know

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1. Get to know what you are drinking

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Lager tends to be pale, light and fizzy, while ale tends to be a heavier, darker and not always fizzy. By learning the various terms, you’re more likely to discover a variety you truly love.

2. Serving temperature is important 

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Generally lager, craft beer, and draft stouts tend to be served at about 6 degrees. You’ll get that effect by just sticking it in the fridge at home. But it’s best to experiment and find what your preferred temperature is.

3. Never ever put ice in your beer

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Ice might be refreshing in cider, but don’t put it in beer. If you’re not able to wait 15 minutes for a beer to cool down in a freezer, place it in an ice bucket instead as it works more quickly.

4. Beer won’t necessarily give you a “beer belly”

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It’s a myth that beer is far more calorific than other drinks. An average beer has fewer calories than semi-skimmed milk, red wine, or orange juice. But of course you wouldn’t drink 10 glasses of orange juice, right? Same thing goes to beer. If you drink 10 pints of beer, you’re going to end up pretty bloated.

5. Don’t hang on to a beer for too long

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The freshness period for a larger is around four months, and around five for stronger craft beers, so it’s best to drink beer when its at its freshest. Just don’t store bottled beers like wine.

6. Strong beers can be delicious, but don’t go crazy la

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Don’t be afraid to try strong beers, but treat them with respect and drink them in moderation for the flavor as much as the alcohol content.

7. Beer goes well with food, but make sure you pick the right variety for the meal you’re eating

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Beer goes with pizza, it’s even great with satay, in fact it goes with practically anything as it’s so varied and versatile. In short, if you’ve got a strongly flavored beer, match it with a strongly flavored food and if you have a lightly flavored food (like fish), match it with pale ale, wheat or light beer.

8. Don’t freeze your glass

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Freezing your glass shouldn’t be necessary if your beer has been in the fridge. Also, frosted glasses can cause beer to foam, which can make them go flat more quickly and also reduce the range of flavors and aromas.

9. Don’t tip your glass when pouring beer

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If you pour craft beer or ale directly down into the glass you get a great gas rise, all the bubbles come out, go through the beer and lift up this lovely blanket of flavor. And this is why you should not tip your glass.

10. Don’t down it

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A particularly nice way to taste beer is to shut your mouth after the first sip and breathe out through your nose. It really brings out the various flavors of the beer right at the back of your palate. On top of that, you can pick up a huge number of delicious individual elements that you wouldn’t be able to taste otherwise.

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