10 Super Thoughtful Gifts For Your Other Half This Valentine’s Day


So thoughtful, you might even win the ‘Partner of the Year’ award.

If you haven’t been very successful in your past Valentine’s gifts (you can tell by your partner’s forced smile and status update that goes ‘It’s the thought that counts’), here are a few ideas that would help you score the brownie points you need.

1. Good food

Unless your partner is on some super strict diet, bring him/her to eat good food. Go eat their favourite food or find a new place where both of you might enjoy and just spend some quality time together.


2. Something from his/her wishlist

Stalk her Pinterest boards or take a look at the shopping sites he/she always frequent and get something from there. Of course, the easier way is to simply listen to your other half because they would almost always be dropping hints before the big day arrives.


3. Puppies/kittens

This is advisable for the seriously committed ‘will be getting married’ couples because you would want the puppy/kitten to grow up and grow old with you. An even better option is to adopt a cat or dog from the local shelter — it’s a win-win situation, your partner’s happy, the cat/dog gets a new home.


4. Coffee/tea

Depending on your partner’s preference, get them some good quality premium coffee beans or tea that they could enjoy for a long time. Of course, to top it off, you can make them a cup in the morning while they’re still in bed.


5. Alcohol

Yes, booze. A good bottle of wine or champagne would help you set the perfect mood for romance on Valentine’s Day.


6. A handwritten card/note

Nothing says sincerity and love like a handwritten message from your loved one. If you are not very good at flowery words, go online and look for poems or quotes that would help deliver the words you want your partner to hear.


7. Gift cards

Gift cards are safe but can be considered thoughtful depending on which store’s gift card you get for your partner. Let’s just say it shouldn’t be for Tesco or something like that. It could be for his/her favourite shopping place or a gift card to a spa or a holiday. The list goes on.


8. Potted plants

Instead of flowers, give him/her a potted plant. They last longer and could be used to symbolise your relationship. If your partner loves cooking, you can even gift them with potted herbs! How thoughtful would that be.


9. Beauty products

Here’s a tip: take a picture of your partner’s products, notice when something like the perfume bottle getting low and get him/her a new one. Or take the picture to Sephora or any make-up shop and ask the salesperson to recommend something your partner would probably like.


10. Cash

When all else fails, go for the cold hard cash or credit card. Take him/her to the mall or a shop and tell them to get whatever they want. But be prepared, make sure you can afford to pay for it.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.