10 Subjects in Malaysian school that we actually miss when we are in Uni/College

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Once we took the next step to further our studies in a university or a college, we realise how much we miss the schooling days.

One of the main reason is the subjects we used to learn back in school which was way more fun and easier to pass. And below are the list of subjects that we actually miss.

1. Bahasa Melayu 

bahasa melayu

2. Bahasa Inggeris 

bahasa inggeris

3. Kajian Tempatan 

kajian tempatan

4. Pendidikan Moral

pendidikan moral

5. Pendidikan Islam 

pendidikan islam

6. Pendidikan Seni Visual

pendidikan seni visual

7. Pendidikan Muzik 

nota nota muzik

8. Geografi


9. Kemahiran Hidup 


10. Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan

pjk in school-compressed

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