10 signs that you are an introvert!


So how do you know you are an introvert or extrovert? Well, there are specific test which can really determine what “type” of person you are. 

Although we prefer to think that, you are you!. 

However, here are 10 signs which shows that you are an introvert:


1. You just want to be in a place where there is no one!. Like in your room.



2. You are so terrified in going to a crowded area. Concerts will just shrink you.



3. The idea of working from home must have been the best thing you could ever hear.



4. Headphones is a must!. So that it’s not so rude to ‘ignore’ people.



5. Your smartphone is full of apps that no one ever heard of it. Because you are on your phone all the time!.



6. You hate going out every night. Once a week sounds nice.

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7. “The more, the merrier.”, this line must be making you angry.!



8. Meet new friends? No, thank you, I have enough friends. I already got two friends.



9. People often praise you as a great listener.



10. When someone else cancel a gathering, its like winning a lottery!. The biggest win feeling you can get.


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