10 Signs That You Are A College Student in Malaysia

college student of malaysia

Being a college student is something memorable and it is not something to be missed. However, in Malaysia is slightly different. 

1. You get jealous whenever you see another student driving a better car than you

im jealous


2. You start hearing brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada

lv neverfull


3. You freak out when you got to know the price tag on the brands mentioned above

mother of god


4. You still end up buying those brands

hypocrites everywhere


5. Your parents wouldn’t be able to find you on Fridays

you are here


6. You are always running out of cash

no money


7. You can’t live without YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and basically the Internet

social media junkie


8. You folks are always planning on a road trip or a vacation with the friends. BUT it never really happen



9. At times, your sleeping time is similar to vampire’s

sleeping in library


10. Overall, it’s all about MONEY, FRIENDS, ENTERTAINMENT, FAMILY and then comes EDUCATION

crazy college students

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