10 Signs that shows Malaysia is a Racist Country

we are all malaysian

1. Territories still exist in Malaysia. For example there are housing areas that are filled with Chineses, Malays or Indians. Its pretty obvious when it comes to this. You rarely come across housing areas with mix races unless there is a college or uni in the area

Is rising debt a concern?

2. UMNO, MIC and MCA. Why does this even exist? Race based parties should not exist. Barisan National should just be a one unit party rather than separating themselves into many different parties

umno mic mca

3. Malay schools, Chinese schools and Tamil schools. Separating students from other races will automatically create a racist mindset among them

tamil school malaysia

4. There are still many people who speak their own preferred¬†languages in front of people who can’t understand

For example, a group of Chinese men hanging out in a restaurant and so happens to be an Indian man hanging with them as well. However, the Chinese men continue speaking in Mandarin/Cantonese in front of the Indian man who do not understand a single word what they are saying. This is very very rude

5. Filling up forms. We are pretty sure you will come across a section where you will be needed to tick your race. Do you know that this does not exist in the UK?

lain lain

6. Government servants are mostly Malays. Private sectors are mostly non-Malays

police for example

7. Hari Raya – 2 days holiday. Chinese New Year – 2 days holiday. Deepavali – 1 day holiday

deepavali satu hari

8. Bumi and Non-Bumi. In Malaysia, the word Bumi is very very valuable. But why have all of this when its suppose to be 1Malaysia?

bumis and non bumis

9. All 7 Elevens in Malaysia only sells cat food and no dog food

7 eleven no dog food

10. Speaking about cats and dogs why only stray dogs are captured and “put to sleep”? What about the cats?

catching stray dogs mbpj way

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