10 Reasons why Malaysian school friends are forever

high school friends
1. Because the friendship begin from your early days..As early as Standard 1 or Form 1
2. They have seen you at your complete best and your extreme worst

childhood friends 2

3. In other words, they know you way tooooo much of you
4. Since you guys know each other way too much…trust is simply not an issue


5. You have spent a major part of your life with them. Primary school and Secondary school is 12 years of your life

childhood 3

6. 12 years is a long time..This means you guys know each others choices and preference better than anyone 
7. You never need to pretend around them..and you can be yourself whenever they are around

being you

8. The best part is the fact that they will never judge you
9. Even if you guys don’t talk for days, months or years..you can instantly connect with them once you meet again

be with firend

10. Because they are the friends you grew up with…Your childhood friends..

you cant replace

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