10 racial stereotypes on Malaysian Malays that should STOP

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1. Stop relating our boobs to Nasi Lemak

nasi lemak bungkus

2. Ramly Burger stall is not low-class..It is AWESOME & AFFORDABLE! 

ramly burger

If you don’t love Ramly Burger, something is wrong with your taste buds.

3. We don’t romen here and there


4. Stop thinking that we are lazy!

There are Malays who are lazy, there are Chinese who are lazy and there are Indians who are lazy. Not all of us are lazy.

5. Some of us don’t wear tudung…So WHAT? Stop relating everything we do to our religion lah!

melayu lawa

It doesn’t make us bad people if we don’t wear tudung.

6. Speaking about tudung, stop asking us “Not hot ah wearing tudung?”


Thousands of questions to ask and you ask that. Why? You want to wear tudung is it?

7. Stop calling us a “kroni” if we are successful. Not all of us are in the business with the government 

rich malay
The Ramly Burger Man – Datuk Ramly Mokni

8. Stop calling us a mat rempit or minah rempit just because we wear skinny jeans 

This is mat rempit la
This is mat rempit

9. Stop thinking that Islamic Banking is for Malays and Muslims. It’s for EVERYONE! 

islamic banking

Anyone can open up an Islamic Banking account. Do check it out if you are interested.

10. Stop acting differently and all polite in front of us. Be yourself. Treat us how you would treat yourself

Image Source: shazwanihamid.com
Image Source: shazwanihamid.com

This post was submitted anonymously by a concern and annoyed Malaysian Malay.

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