10 racial stereotypes on Malaysian Indians that should STOP

1. Stop hang on to your bag tighter when you see an Indian guy walking pass you. We do notice that and it hurts our feelings. We are all not going to rob you


2. And also stop locking the car door when you see an Indian guy walk pass your car. We can hear the car door locking. 
3. We are not going to rape you in the lift. Stop distancing yourself from us when you see only an Indian guy in the lift.
4. Don’t always relate us to drinking. ”Indians can drink a lot you know. They always drink that’s why, then after they drink they fight”. Not everyone of us drinks till we get drunk and fight. 


5. Stop saying, ”Bro, I can’t see you in the dark”.
6. Stop asking us whether we are Christians or Indians. Are you asking for my race or my religion?
7. Stop saying that the only good Indian people are the ones that can only speak in proper English. The others who speak in Tamil are bad Indians.


8. Stop saying this to us, ”Wow, you are fair for an Indian”.
9. Stop calling all Indians as ”Keling”


10. Stop threatening your kids with us Indians (calling us apu neh neh). ” Don’t go out by yourself , later the Apu neh-neh catch you then you know!’

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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