10 racial stereotypes on Malaysian Chinese that should STOP

Portrait Of Multi-Generation Chinese Family Relaxing In Park Together
1. Not all of us Chinese eat exotic animals like cats, dogs and tortoise 

cats and dogs-compressed

2. Stop calling us things like “mata sepet”, “cina”, “amoi” or “apek”…We have names
3. And having small eyes doesn’t mean that we can’t drive!
4. We do not look the SAME! So, stop saying that we look the same


5. Most Chinese guys play Dota? So what? It’s an interesting game and even people from around the world plays it
6. Not all of us are good in maths or geniuses. Similar to the Malays and Indians here in Malaysia, there are a percentage of us who are just naturally smart..
7. “Eh, bro! Why your face so red ah when you drink alcohol?”…”Chinese people cannot drink lah”.. This is a genetic disorder where some of us cannot metabolise the alcohol in our liver efficiently and so we get drunk easily..So stop saying these things to us, its not our fault

so what

8. Small penis….SERIOUSLY???!!!
9. “If you are Chinese, you should be rich”..Honestly, we are just like one of you.. There are Malays who are rich, there are Indians who are rich and there are Chinese who are rich as well. Not all of us
10. “See ah the Chinese man so rich, for sure he do black business one”..

not cool bro

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