10 Questions Malaysian Indians have for Chinese people in Malaysia

Indian Summers
1. Why you all eat pork all the time? 


2. Why you all have so much money? 


3. Why you all love to gamble?

chinese gambling

4. Why do you take pictures of EVERY thing you do? Like food, selfie etc

taking selfie

5. Why do you all like to buy branded goods (clothing) but you drive cheap car?


6. Why do you guys/girls have funky hairstyle?


Most of you at least dye your hair at least, right?
7. From one Indian guy to another Chinese guy, how does it feel like to be NOT hairy like us?

indian hairy

8. And how also how does it feel like to have thin and straight hair? Unlike us, thick, curly, wavy and so on..

chinese hair

9. Why do the guys love playing DOTA?

chinese playing dota

10. Why you all scared of us?

i come in peace

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