10 Questions Malaysian Indian and Chinese have for Malay people in Malaysia

questions to ask malay
1. How it feels like wearing tudung? Tak panas? (Because you know lah kan, Malaysia panas gila babi)

tudung girl

We are just curious. And how do you ladies still manage to pull off a good look.
2. Why most of the Ramly burger stalls are owned by Malays?

burger ramly-compressed

3. Everyone including our Ex-prime minister, Tun Mahathir, are saying that you people are lazy..So, are you all lazy?


4. Why Bazaar Ramadhan has to be on the “bulan puasa” month only. Why can’t you have it like everyday for the rest of the year? 

bazaar ramadhan-compressed

Because we love Bazaar Ramadhan too! And we want it to be there all the time!
5. Why are most of the “mat-rempits” and “minah-rempits” Malays

mat rempits malay

6. Why do some of you all know how to read the Al-Quran but you guys don’t understand the meaning?

baca quran

7. Why do some of you call Facebook as “Pesbuk”?


8. Why you all boycott McDonalds but you still eat at the place?

mcdonalds boycott malaysia-compressed

9. Why the “rendang” dish you cook and we cook damn different? Our “rendang” is not as tasty as yours..How?

rendang melayu

10. And lastly, some of you drink alcohol (air kencing setan) and basically everything that is “haram” but you don’t eat pork..Ape cite?

air kencing setan

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