10 Questions Malaysian Chinese have for Indian people in Malaysia

chinese malaysian
1. Do all of you like to drink?

indians drinkin

2. Why do you guys have high tolerance of alcohol ?

indians alcohol tolerance

3. For those of you who speak English very well…Are you an Indian or Christian? 

malaysian indian

4. Can you all live without rice and curry?

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But honestly, you guys make the best curry!
5. How does it feel like being hairy? Are all of you hairy?

love me

6. You look too fair for an Indian..Are you mix or something?

fair indian

7. Why does all of your movies have like a lot of dancing scenes? 

dance moves

8. And whats with you and gold? 

isit gold

9. And again, whats with you guys and coconut oil?

coconut oil

10. Just so you know, we Chinese watch lots of Russell Peters stand up comedy..So based on those stand up comedy, are you people cheap and stingy?

can i get more discouns-compressed

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