10 Questions Girlfriends Normally ASK Their Boyfriends

boyfriend vs girlfriend

Questions are usually something that will help both individuals strengthen their knowledge. However, in a relationship it’s a little different. Below here is a list of questions that girlfriends normally ask their boyfriends by FunnyMalaysia.NET and soon we will come up another list for the question the boyfriend asks, just to be fair.

1. Do I look ugly?

i dont look ugly


A question that is impossible to answer YES. Take it easy gents, we got your back.

2. Do I look fat in this dress/clothes/whatever

hell yea its a trap


Oh hell yeah it’s a trap! A trap to a temporary hell! Be careful boys!

3. Is she prettier than me?

is she prettier than me


Another trap question, boys. Be smart and answer NO. At time the girls could compare themselves to Scarlett Johansson, and your answer is still NO! Beware.

4. Where are you going and who are you going with?

where are you going


Be careful when she ask you where are you going because your answer is most probably going to be a lie and you literally need to take note of your answer. If she asks you who are you going with, be careful to not include any girls name even though she is just a friend you are going to hang out or catch up with.

5. Do you still love me?

do you still love me


Deal with it gents. I have no solution for this.

6. Are you cheating on me?

cheating on me


This question normally turns up out of nowhere and it scares the “shit” out of you. Solution: Just don’t cheat on your girlfriend and you will definitely know what to say.

7. Why don’t you spend time with me?

why you don't spend time with me


If we start counting the time we spend with our girlfriends to prove it to them, things might get messy. This question have been the “fire starter” of most relationship fights for decades!

8. CAN you buy me this and that?

girls shopping with guys


How can we buy you things when we literally spend all our money on games and other unnecessary things?

9. Why don’t you buy for me this and that?

why girls angry


Sometimes we tell you the truth by saying why we can’t buy you things. But since you get angry about it, we tell you things like “next month” and it goes on and on.

10. Are you thinking about me?

are you thinking about me


Yes. We always think about you!

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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