10 Popular Malaysian Male Singers

1. Anuar Zain (Shahril Anuar Zain)

anuar zain

Anuar Zain was born on 15 February 1970 in Merlimau, Malacca. He first made his presence felt in music fraternity when he clinched the Penyanyi Baru Lelaki Terbaik and Penyanyi Lelaki Terbaik Awards at the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) in 1999.

He was a Malaysian Airline air steward and Dockers fashion model before becoming a singer.

2. Amy Search

amy search

He was the lead singer of Search, a rock group that was founded in Johor Bahru in the early 80s. He was selected to replace the lead singer, Zainalwho had left. Together with the vocal prowess and stage presence of Amy,the group went on to produce numerous albums and chart topping hits like Isabella, Fenomena and Rozana.

3. Zainalabidin (Zainalabidin Mohamed)


He was the head vocalist of Headwind, a popular rock band in the 80s. They produced 5 albums together .

His father was a musician and jazz vocalists for the British and Japanese army in his ear, whilst his mother was a well known Ghazal performer in Johor Bahru. In 1992, he became a solo artist and released his solo album, Zainal Abidin.

4. Reshmonu (Hiresh Haridas)


Reshmonu was born in Malacca on 26 May 1976. He is a singer-song writer who sings mostly English songs.

That labour of love earned him seven Anugerah Industri Muzik nominations in 2004, out of which he claimed three of the coveted awards– Best Male Vocals, Best English-language Artiste and Best Engineering for an Album.

5. Gary Chaw


Gary Chaw is a singer-song writer who has achieved success in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. He also is known as Gary Cao or Cao Ge.

In 2006, Gary won the Hong Kong TVB 8’s Best New comer Singer award. And since 2010, Gary has been dubbed, ‘Asia’s Best Male Singer’ by the media.

6. Michael Wong

michael wong

In June 2006, Wong was inducted into the Malaysia Book of Records as the Malaysian Chinese Male Composer with the highest number of awards and also for the Best Selling Chinese Album for Tong Hua.

7. David Arumugam 


He is one of the founding members of Alleycats together with his younger brother Loganathan Arumugam who had passed away in 2007 of lung cancer.

Their music is said to be influenced by Air Supply, Phil Collins, Bee Gees, Billy Joel, Santana and Paul Mc-Cartney. Alleycats is regarded as one ofthe legendary Malaysian music bands of all time, and still performing and recordingto this day.

8. Z-Chen Chang


Z-Chen also known as ”The Little Price of R&B”’among this fan as he only started singing when he only a few years old.

He made his debut in 2001 and went onto bag several awards that included the Top 10 Best Original Song from PHW Music Awards in 2012. Apart from being a singer, Z-Chen also served as the first Chinese ambassad or forone of Malaysia’s telecommunication companies, Maxis, in 2005.

9. Vince Chong (Vincent Chong Ying-Cern)


In 2005, he was selected to sing one of the songs from the Puteri Gunung Ledang sound track called Keranamu Kekasih. Vince also sang the Malaysian version of Disney’s High School Musical 2, You Are the Musicin Me and the Bahasa Malaysia version, Kau Muzik di Hatiku alongside another Malaysian song stress, Jaclyn Victor.

Apart from singing, Vince had appeared invarious television programmes and acted in films like Sembilu where he played the main role.

10. Joe Flizzow (Johan Ishak)


The President, in 2009 together with stage appearances countries like the USA, Netherlands, Britain, Japan, Maldives,Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei.This has given Joe his status as Asia’s Hip Hop superstar.

A side from being a singer, Joe is an entrepreneur as well, being a founder and CEO of Kartel Records, the biggest independent Hip-Hop record label in Malaysia.

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