10 Most Popular Chinese Surnames in Malaysia

most popular chinese surnames in malaysia

1. Lee – It means plum (like the fruit) – (It is also one of the most common British surnames as well)

the fruit plum

2. Lim – It means “forest, fine jade, gem”

3. Ong – It means ‘luck’ or ‘health’

4. Wong – It means ‘king’ (It is also one of the most popular Chinese surnames in the world)


5. Liew – This surname is a variant of Liu and the spelling “Liew” is only found common in Malaysia. It simply means “to kill or destroy”

6. Chan/Chen – It means “to exhibit”

7. Ng – It can be translated to “Godlike or the highest”

godlike dota

8. Chong – It means “archer”

9. Leong – It means Poplar which is a type of tree

10. Yap – It simply means ‘leaves’


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