10 Lies All Best Friends Have Told To Each Other

Image Source: luckyluciano3.wordpress.com

1. “I’ll be there in like 5 minutes/I’m on the way”


30 minutes later, still nothing…

2. “I’m not going to tell you”


When you have a great secret that you’re not supposed to tell anyone. You’re obviously going to tell them, but you just want to taunt them for a little longer.

3. “Yeah, I hate them too”


When your best friend has a new enemy but you don’t have much of a feeling about them either way. But soon, you would genuinely hate them even though you don’t have any beef with them because that’s how friendship works

4. “Just go for it dude”


Even though it is a bad idea but whatever makes your best friend happy

5. “I’ve already deleted that picture”


When you’ve taken a hilarious ugly photo of them that you fully intend to keep to blackmail them in the future

6. “You look nice/That suits you”


When they just need a confidence boost.

7. “Whatever is it, I’m here. You can talk to me”


When they start a relationship that won’t end well.

8. “I think she’s got it worse with him”


Because sometimes reassurance is much more important than the truth.

9. “At least you tried, that’s what matters”


When they try something new and fail on an epic scale.

10. “Everything is going to be OK”

Relax Malaysia

For when you have no idea if it’s actually going to be OK, but you know it’s what they need to hear right now, and that’s what a best friend is for.

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