10 Funniest tweets by Harith Iskander

tweets by harith iskander
1. “Your head!” is one of the best phrases ever. The Malaysian equivalent of “F#*k Off” but without the swearing.

 2. Chicken Rice: RM28
Umbrella: RM25
Cocoa drink: RM8
Plastic raincoat: RM12
Roasted chicken: RM38
Entrance fee: RM125
Welcome to Legoland!

3. I am so glad I’m bald. Just found out how much it costs to dye hair.

harith iskander funniest

 4. Twitter timeline filled with court ruling. Instagram timeline with selfies and product selling. It’s like 2 different Msia’s

 5. Msian in jams protect their spot as if letting someone cut in would make them even later for an appointment they’re already late for

 6. In my working life not ONE person ever asked me “What did you get for SRP/SPM? “

 7. I dont understand business’ that ‘tak da duit kecik’ when u buy something n make no effort 2 get duit kecik expecting you to do it instead

harith iskander funny

 8. I never give advice to people under 17. Cause I didn’t listen to old fellas when I was that age

 9. Saw a motorcyclist riding in KL haze wearing Chelsea jersey with Hazard on the back. He’s just describing weather conditions

 10. Woman at next table took a selfie then showed her date the pic. Um, I think he already knows what you look like

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