10 Facts About Using WeChat in Malaysia (For Boys)

10 facts about using wechat in malaysia

1. You say “HI” to almost every girl nearby your location and none of them really bother to reply you

2. At times you even come across girls with status saying “Please Do Not Disturb” or “Please Do Not PM Me”

flips table for wechat

3. The only people that you can actually chat with are your friends that you add from your phone contacts or even Facebook

4. If you have an extremely good looking profile picture, there is 20 percent chance for a legitimate girl to come and find you. They will also come and find you if you look rich

5. But there are people that finds you for who you are…Mostly homosexuals (gays), prostitutes and massage ladies

6. The “Drift Bottle” feature is creepy! Seriously!

drift bottle

7. Although you set the “People Nearby” settings to “Female ONLY”, you still see boys in the list

8. You’ll be very excited when you see a new notification from WeChat. And of course you started imagining that it would be some girl messaging you and it turns out to be greetings from the WeChat app or probably just a new update

9. You get bored of WeChat in a week time BUT the following week you will do the same shit over and over again

10. In conclusion, you will never find a girlfriend on WeChat!

you will never get a girlfriend from wechat

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