10 Facts About Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya

sunway mentari

There are literally nothing much you can do in Mentari but have you ever wonder why that area look so scary. Well, here is facts that you should know about this place.

1. Illegal gambling cyber cafes are everywhere or “Internet Cafe”

illegal gambling malaysia


2. Most Indonesian construction workers, live there. Also without proper permit/working visa.

indonesian construction workers in malaysia illegal


3 .Illegal  African immigrants are also there

illegal africans


4. Illegal massage parlors are literally everywhere. They provide “extra service”¬†

illegal massage parlor mentari


5. Prostitution service is also everywhere in that area

prostitution in mentari


6. The fact that college students live there, scares their parents

college students live in mentari


7. It’s the last place you want to pick fight at (Gangsters love this place)

gansgers in malaysia

8. It’s known as an entertainment spot for businessmen and their clients

mentari entertainment spot


9. Police know every single point above, however, No shits were Given but Bribes were Taken



10. BUT they do have some pretty good and cheap steamboat places over there

steamboat in mentari yuen

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