10 Facts About SMK Batu Lapan, Puchong

batu lapan
1. Our school is located on top of a hill. Yes, that’s right a hill.


2 If you follow the weekly events (after school shows), you can see many groups from different ethnicity hosting gang fights( man-to-man singles and much more). The fights will usually take place in Jalan Nuri’s Field (Nuri Padang).
3. 60% to 70% of the school population is made up of Chinese.
4. Our school toilets are not only for private usage. There’s usually and all out gang bang called sepuluh orang satu batang(10 guys sharing one cigarette).
5. You tend to see some students ramming their motorcycles at the school’s bus stop. They usually seek attention from the ladies.
6. You would think a stairway is used to travel between floors but  you are wrong. Students here take effort into making plans, meeting up as early as 6am to keep the morning wood stiff for the cold romantic morning weather. (in other words, students make out and have intercourse at stairways)


7. Batu Lapan had or still has a worldwide renown chef working for them. He was recruited from the L4D (Left 4 Dead) video game title. His style of cookery carries a half open mouth when he gets bored of cooking and most of the time he gaze at the wall while making burger patties. He is or was known as Boomer and yes he is a little bit at the heavy side.
8. Batu Lapan school consist of 3 to 4 toilets for each gender. Good enough maybe for just a few hundred people, but for a thousand?  Not really. Don’t blame the cleaners as it’s not their fault that the school toilets are always dirty. Some students tend to take a dump next to the toilet bowl instead into the toilet bowl. Weird?


9. Most students have their recess in the school canteen but for some, they have their recess at Mayuri or Meenas (Restaurants outside the school compound)
10. Our school is also famous for ghost stories. It is said that you would tend to see things if you are in the school compound at night.

We are pretty sure we left out many facts here, please do not hesitate to add them in the comment section below And for those who would like to contribute a piece for their own school, you can send it in here.

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