10 Facts About MSU, Shah Alam (Management & Science University)

msu shah alam

Getting to know information about a particular college or university based on a student’s point of view is important as you basically get the idea what is the place all about.

So here FunnyMalaysia has list down ten facts about MSU, Shah Alam and these facts come from the students themselves.

1. Majority of us are Malays

2. Our facilities here are pretty good and we are talking about the swimming pool, gym and so on

3. The management we have is not something to be proud off. They are very slow or in other words, LAZY

4. Our parking was in pretty bad shape but they manage to fix it. However, we have to pay for it 🙁

5. We are smart people. We park in Tesco or some other alleys that doesn’t require us to pay

6. #Cinnamon Cafe, #UCafe, #UPlaza, #UGlobe (Our hangout spots)

7. Brunsfield is where we prefer to stay instead of their hostel

brunsfield shah alam msu

8. The toilets are clean on the top floor and the lower floors are basically dirty. In other words, the lower the floor is, the dirtier it gets

9. We don’t have any official smoking spot. Therefore, we tend to smoke in toilets and the car park as it is much more convenient for us

10. Our student portal is also not something to be proud off. #GatewayTimeout

gateway time out msu

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