10 Facts About Malaysian Taxi Drivers

malaysian taxi drivers

Taxi drivers. They are literally everywhere and they are always there whenever we need them, however, things are little different here in Msia. We from FunnyMalaysia.NET had a little chat with a few taxi drivers and below are some of the facts that we got.

1. We never use our meters

malaysian taxi meter

2. At times, we use the meter and we take the longest possible route


3. We go crazy on the roads 

4. We are racist. We have separated pots to “hang or gather or find customers” based on our races

5. We love giving rides for foreigners and that’s because we get to go as high as RM30 – RM50 for a short 10KM trip 

foreigner taxi msia

6. If your destination is too far or its not somewhere we are heading, we WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU. Unless, you make a crazy offer

lazy drivers

7. We are getting POPULAR, so we start having advertisements on the back boot and even the rear doors. Of course we get paid for it

advertisement everywhere

8. Some of us are quiet and some of us are extremely talkative

9. We never really get our cars checked/service but HEY! We have NGV!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 10. According to the Law, it’s a MUST for us to issue the fare receipt. But we never really did

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