10 Facts About IOI Mall, Puchong


1. Every time when a Puchong guy/girl goes to IOI Mall, he/she tends to bump into a friend

2. The merry go round has been there since IOI Mall first started operating. Wonder if it is still making money? hmmmm

2012-09-16 18.49.35

3. Whenever you walk into the fire escape staircase you either see a guy smoking, couples making out or having sex there

4. The new wing in IOI Mall (some call it IOI Mall 2) has a few doors that shouldn’t be there (one of the is located beside the GSC cinema near the lift)

5. Brewball is the hangout spot for school kids when playing truant (ponteng sekolah)

6. IOI Mall have never really changed since it first started operating

7. Jusco (now known as AEON) is known for the training ground for pickpockets

8. You rarely see a shop which is packed with people for some reason even though it is a public holiday or the weekends

9. We know it looks big but it ain’t

10. When it starts raining heavily, the car park becomes a swimming pool


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