10 empty New Year’s Resolution everyone makes

1. We will always hear our smoker friends saying this phrase, ”I think next year I’m going to quit smoking. It’s bad for health. Need to have a healthy lifestyle”, but we all know that won’t even last for a week
2. Some of your friends might also make some new year’s resolution like, ”I need to get a boyfriend/girlfriend next year”.
3. There is always these thin/fat friends of yours saying, ”I will start working out tomorrow” but it does not happen even after a month
4. Some will say that they want to quit drinking, and stay sober *Nice try*
5. You will also say that you won’t procrastinate any more
6.  Stop playing video games and do something more productive in life
7. If you are still in school or in college, you would say to yourself, that you are going study harder. *But seriously c’mon*
8. You would also say that you would make plans to travel around the world, but you would settle for Port Dickson.
9. Try to come out from your comfort zone and make new friends but at the end of 2015, you will still be having the same bunch of friends
10. And finally, we all will say that we want to save money but it never happens


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