10 Difference Between Dating a Girl and a Woman

dating a girl and woman

There are many ways one can differentiate a girl and a woman. This has nothing really got to do with the person’s age but in fact it has something to do with the maturity.

1. A girl reacts like kid.  We are pretty sure all of you know how a little girl will act. They get angry and upset easily if they din’t get something they want and they react by screaming, pouting or probably by giving you the silent treatment. A woman on the other hand gets angry and upset BUT they respond to it by communicating with you on a table like an adult.

2. Physical beauty as the currency for the girls (Basis of value). Sexuality and looks is what the girls use to achieve what they want in life. A woman knows her worth is beyond her looks and it’s mostly about her intelligence, strength, values and contributions.

3. Girl relies on man in terms of Financial Stability. It’s like a little girl asking her dad pocket money (allowance) and to buy her things. A woman is usually financially independent.

4. A girl is proud to not know how to clean and cook. That’s right! Girls can’t be bothered with those stuff. Whereas a woman understands that domestic chores is not a duty and instead she takes it as a way to take care of herself and her family.

5. A girl sees other girl as a competition. A woman helps another woman.

6. Girls seek for attention. A woman on the other hand wants respect.

7. A girl takes more than she gives. Usually when you spend time with a girl, you will get bored or exhausted with the things she does. They usually think about themselves all the time. A woman will empower you with passion and possibilities in life and spending time with a woman will never ever waste your time.

8. Girls have ridiculous checklist. They want to be popular, hot, rich and skinny. A woman’s checklist usually goes like this – high integrity, intelligent, kind, good communicator and emotionally available.

9. A girl does not respect her body. Who she shares her body with is not an important question for a girl. They mostly care for luxuries like handbags, diamonds and such things.A woman cherishes her talent (asset) and health at the same time.

10. A girl plays game. A woman doesn’t.

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