10 Chinese Words that All Malaysians Understand

chinese words-compressed

1. Yum Cha – simplified Chinese: 饮茶; traditional Chinese: 飲茶), also known as Ban ming (品茗), is a Chinese style morning or afternoon tea, which involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dim sum dishes.

e.g. –  Let’s go “Yum Cha” tonight?

2. Sohai – it means “crazy” and “pussy/c**t”

e.g. – Hey sohai! Long time no see!

3. FFK – in Cantonese, it means ‘fong fei kei‘. which means those who betrayed or broke a promise/deal made with another party.

e.g. – That girl ffk me, she promised to meet up here but she never show up.

4. TFK – Abbreviation for the Cantonese slang “ta fei kei“, which literally translates to ‘beating the aeroplane/masturbation’.

e.g. – He likes to TFK in the mornings.

5. Tapau – In Hokkien (one of the many chinese dialects) means to take away. When using this term in the course of conversing with another, it would be refered to as getting owned in any activity such as drinking, racing etc

e.g. – I tapau lunch for you later.

6. Ham Sup – literally means “Salty” and “Wet” in Cantonese, is used to describe a dirty minded person. Salty and Wet is a reference to the taste of love juice.

e.g. – Andrew is a Ham Sup person.

7. Bojio – the act of not inviting your friend to go out together.

e.g. – You went to Starbucks today? Bojio!

8. Lanjiao – A Hokkien vulgar term which means “Penis”.

e.g. – “You don’t talk lanjiao there ah, I call my gang beat you up ah!”

9. Mahai – mother’s c**t or vagina

e.g. – Mahai ! I missed that shot !!!

10. Cibai – Equivalent to English ‘c**t’ (vagina)

e.g. – Cibai this stupid keyboard!

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