10 Best New Cars To Buy In Malaysia That’s Worth Less Than RM100k


Buying a car is the hardest possible thing to do for anyone with a budget. There are many choices out there but finding the best reliable choice could take sometime.

Here is Funny Malaysia’s list on the top 10 Best new cars that will only cost you below RM100,000. The list below is based on the fuel consumption, a little of performance, reliability and servicing cost.

10. 2013 Mazda 2  (RM70,668++)

2013 mazda 2

9. 2013 Ford Fiesta  (RM84,000++)

ford fiesta 2013

8. 2013 Volkswagen Polo Sedan (RM99,000++)

2013 volkswagen polo sedan malaysia

7. Proton Inspira (RM79,000++)

2013 proton inspira

6. Nissan Almera (RM64,000++)

2013 nissan almera malaysia

5. 2013 Perodua Myvi (RM48,000++)

2013 perodua myvi

4. 2013 Proton Saga (RM35,000++)

2013 proton saga malaysia

3. 2013 Honda City (RM87,000++)

2013 honda city malasia

2. 2013 Toyota Vios (RM82,000++)

2013 toyota vios

1. 2013 Honda Jazz Hybrid CKD (RM87,000++)

2013 honda jazz hybrid ckd malaysia

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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