10 Benefits of not being a party person in Malaysia

party malaysia
1. You can save a lot of money
2. You don’t have to worry about your liver failing 

liver failing

3. Your parents will have complete trust on you since you were never home late – PS: As long as you stay away from drugs
4. Roadblocks? Pffffttttt, no problem! – PS: As long as you stay away from drugs
5. Instead of spending all your cash on alcohol, you can always try out different bars, restaurants and cuisines. Or even shopping

make it rain

6. Usually when you party in a club, you will be spending about RM100-RM200 each a night. You can always save up that money for a short vacation
7. No hangovers, EVER!

there there

8. You can happily catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite TV series
9. The main reason most Malaysians go to a club to party is to meet new ladies/guys. But the chances of that happening is like almost never. So, here’s what will usually happen
  • Creepy/sweaty/drunkard guys will be approaching the ladies
  • The guys will be like predators stalking for the next prey 
In other words, its better for the guys to just stay at home and message a 100 ladies on their Facebook and we are pretty sure at least 3% will actually respond to you (3 percent success rate based on the number of respondents that you have approached). And for the ladies, you can just wait for these guys to actually message you and feel free to be picky
PS: – Still a better success rate than clubs
10. People who parties will certainly assume that you are boring. But you really don’t care because of the fact that you are spending your time and money wisely

i dont really care

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