10 Benefits of Having a MyKad


official jpn

1. Easily print EPF account statements


No more long queues to print-out your EPF account statement. Just do it online with MyKad integrated electronic kiosks available at most EPF branches nationwide.

2. Check-In Genting Highland Resorts with MyKad

genting highlands

It could be a hassle waiting for your turn to check-in to the hotel in Genting, however, if you use your MyKad, it’s only going to take approximately 1 to 1.5 minutes.

3. Renew passport

renew passport

MyKad expedites the process for applying or renewal of chip-based passport at Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia counters. Digitized information and biometrics in applicant’s MyKad enables applicant to interact with a Kiosk Penggantian Passport at any time of the day.

4. MEPS Cash on Internet

e tunai

MEPS Cash is now accepted for making payment online. To pay with MEPS Cash, all you need is to connect a card reader to your PC.

5. Works as a Border Pass too


Peninsular Malaysians no longer have to fill-in immigration form or producing passport when crossing into Sabah and Sarawak and vice-versa. 

6. e-Petrol Payment Solution

e petrol

In line with the Government’s initiative to promote cashless transactions, ePetrol Systems has developed an innovative payment system which leverages on the MyKad as a payment instrument.

7. Easily renew driving license

renew driving license

Motorists whose driving licenses have been incorporated into their MyKads will be able to renew the document at any of the nation’s 587 post offices, 210 National Registration Department (JPN) and 68 Road Transport Department (JPJ).

8. Can be used as an ATM Card

atm kard

That’s right! — Your MyKad can hold up to 3 bank accounts and you can withdraw your cash from any ATM using just your MyKad.

9. Touch n Go

touch and go

Don’t have a Touch n Go card? Well, you have your MyKad and it works the same way.

10. And lastly, all your health information can also be included inside your MyKad


This includes allergies, blood type, organ implants, chronic disease and as well as detail of Next Kin

official jpn

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